Our company is the gear box supplier and electric motor supplier of reputed and reliable brands. With a wide range of products such as gearbox, gear reducer, electric motor and other spare parts, Empower Corporation is highly stringent in our manufacturing and assembly control.

We ensure that all our employees of the production are well trained and skilled upon performing any related assembly works. The products that we supply have gone through various tests to ensure its performance and safety features that meet with the required standards.v

Customers can be assured of obtaining our company’s best service in purchasing any of our company’s products. Our salesperson and technician shall provide their utmost service and after sales support to ensure that the machinery and parts supplied to our customers are functioning well and efficiently.

We supply various kinds of electric motor such as 3 phase induction motor, elektrim motor, explosion proof motor, Siemens motor, etc. Besides, we are also supplying various parts such as grid coupling, screw press and digester and many more.


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  • Coupling Arpex
    Coupling Arpex
  • Coupling Bipex
    Coupling Bipex
  • Coupling Elpex
    Coupling Elpex
  • Coupling N-eupex
    Coupling N-eupex
  • Coupling Rupex
    Coupling Rupex
  • Coupling Zapex
    Coupling Zapex
Flender Motox Geared Motors
  • Motox Helical Bevel Gear
  • Motox Helical Gear
  • Motox Helical Worm Gear
  • Parallel Shaft Gear
Palm Oil Gear Box
  • Palm Oil Gearbox
    Palm Oil Gearbox
Planurex Gear Box
  • Planurex Gearbox
    Planurex Gearbox
Squirel Cage Electric Motor
  • FEM Motor
    FEM Motor
Slip Ring Motor
  • Frander Elektrim Slip Ring Motor
    Frander Elektrim Slip Ring Motor
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